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Electronic Repair Center

We are a licensed repair center for a number of control units used in our machinery. We are equipped with state of the art test equipment to analyze and test circuit boards and ensure the highest level of repair quality. Our proximity to customers helps to ensure a quick turn around.

Please contact Jonathan Bray (864-578-7101, Ext. 238) for more information. e-mail

Technical Service

We have the expertise in House. We install, commission, calibrate, and service our equipment.
For our well trained staff, please contact

Jonathan Bray, Phone +1 864-578-7101, ext. 238, e-mail
Repair Shop

Spare Parts Service

Availability and quality is crucial to our customers. We maintain an extensive inventory in Spartanburg, SC, and we have weekly consolidated air shipments from our overseas suppliers to replenish our stocks. We offer top quality OEM parts.
Call us today with your requirements.

Mike Scanlon Phone +1 864-599-4710 e-mail

Denise McAbee Phone +1 864-599-4709 e-mail

Nichole Gregory Phone +1 864-578-7101, Ext. 229 e-mail

Our Product Managers serve as the link to the Manufacturer. The Product Manager is responsible for all sales/marketing efforts for the manufacturer. Product Managers are technical sales personnel with the training and experience to match manufacturer products to customer needs. They remain responsible for the application from inception through installation and start up.
We also have a local Area Representative in both New England and Canada.

For more information please call Wanda Miller, Sales Administrator, phone 864-578-7101, ext. 254.

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